Analytics has become a significant competitive weapon in the hands of enterprises across industries and the mandate for exploiting analytics is often driven from the top. Generating value from analytics initiatives needs a good mix of business, technology and execution capabilities and has to be addressed along the following dimensions

    • Strategic Alignment – challenging the status quo and convincing business stakeholders that analytics can raise the bar even for steady state processes
    • Driving Transformation – prioritizing conflicting demand, getting it right first time and demonstrating quick value
    • Ensuring Agility – balancing time to market vs scalability & sustainability
    • Flawless Execution – managing ambiguity of scope, complexity of data and diversity of skill

We follow a business centric approach to developing analytics for our customers and we have the following capabilities to understand the business context, cull out data, generate insights and visualize them in a fashion which can be consumed by business stakeholders with ease.

Business Analytics
  • Data Ingestion & Harmonization Services - Extract structured and unstructured raw data from disparate sources and transform them into analytical marts
  • Exploratory Data Analysis & Analytics Services - aData analysis to generate actionable insights to address the following questions
    • What happened - Descriptive Analytics
    • Why it happened - Inquisitive Analytics
    • What will happen - Predictive Analytics
    • What should I do - Prescriptive Analytics
  • Visualization Services – Translate insights into business-friendly dashboards and reports