Order Analytics


$1B Fast Moving Electrical Equipment Company


Descriptive & Advanced Diagnostic Analytics to analyze order fulfillment patterns and root causes for unfulfilled orders


  • Customer was leaking revenues due to sub-optimal fulfillment of orders

  • Customer was looking for an automated solution to understand order fulfillment patterns and improve order fill rate

  • Describe & quantify order fulfillment patterns

  • For unfulfilled orders

    • Perform RCA to understand reasons for non-fulfillment
    • Quantify and attribute % losses to various non-fulfillment reasons

  • Build automated dashboards & reports to analyze monthly data

Our Solution

Developed a mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive hypothesis tree map to get a 360° view of order fulfillment process

Analyzed data using Python pandas and built business logic layer to attribute causes and evaluate impact as well as effect on order fulfillment

Sliced & diced the data by Sales Office, Line of Business and Product Category

Value Delivered

  • Automated analytical dashboards aiding daily fill rate analysis

  • Major reasons for missing orders

    • Inaccurate forecast in a pull based market scenario

    • Safety Stock insufficient to handle demand fluctuation

    • Credit block of reliable or partner dealers

  • What-If scenario tool to play with Safety Stock calculation and impact on Order fill rate

  • Better understanding of demand volatility lead to more accurate safety stock