Enterprises require a whole host of people capabilities and technology investments to manage an internal supply chain organization for planning and operations. Hiring, training and nurturing diverse talent and also keeping pace with advancements in technology solutions is a huge challenge.

We offer Planning & Operations as an Outsourced Service and we bring in the necessary business and technology knowhow to manage our customer’s supply chain.

Our scope of services covers the entire gamut of supply chain planning process as given below

    • Demand Planning
    • Supply Planning
    • Production Planning
    • Material Requirement Planning
    • Production Scheduling & Monitoring

Our planning experts operate as extended team for our customers and we deliver these services as a turnkey engagement leveraging industry standards tools as well as proprietary tools.

In addition to generating plans leveraging advanced techniques and sophisticated algorithms, we also collaborate with customer teams to finalize the plans and operationalize the plans.

Supply Chain Planning