Ensuring all stakeholders in every business function understands organization's operating strategy and getting their buy-in towards a common goal can sometimes be challenging.

Our solution is focused on enabling enterprises exploit Sales & Operations Planning function as a strategic tool for decision-making. We have conceptualized our solution to align strategic goal with sales, operational and financial plans to convert S&OP from a typical sales forecasting process to a strategic decision-making tool.

Advisory services

We study and baseline current S&OP processes on various dimensions and define a roadmap for transformation using our structured ‘S&OP Maturity Assessment Framework’.



    • Process - Product portfolio review, Demand review, Supply review, Financial reconciliation and Executive review
    • Organization structure - Reporting structures, organization oversight and audit processes
    • Tools & Technology - Collaboration, Workflow & BPM, Data integration & management, Alerts & exception management, Performance management and ‘what if’ simulations
    • Culture - Education & Training, Incentives alignment and collaboration culture alignment


  • Reduction of gap between financial and operational plans
  • Reduction of gap between actual and budgeted financial plans
  • Production plans that will meet customer service levels and sales plans
  • Promotional activities aligned with operational and financial plans

Enterprises have traditionally leveraged complex spreadsheets and disparate tools to run S&OP processes and have faced one or more of the following challenges

  • Data integrity and managing data sources
  • Lack of ability to understand implications of changes within demand and supply streams
  • Lack of ability to assess financial impact due to changes in supply and demand
  • Lack of ability to generate ‘what if’ scenarios to simulate customer and market demand and incorporate in product and supply plans
  • Lack of alert mechanisms for exceptions

Our service offering is designed to prepare data and generate actionable insights to assist in executive decision making through interactive dashboards and simulations. We automate data management and reporting services to address the above challenges.

Data management & Reporting services

Data Integration & Management:

  • Data extraction, cleansing and aggregation from demand and supply systems
  • Demand / Supply matching and exception reports

Data Integration and Management
Performance Management

Performance Management:

  • Progress reports – budgets vs latest view vs actuals for each functional area
  • Cost and service tradeoffs
  • Alerts and exception reports
  • Business KPIs & executive dashboards both from supply and demand side
  • S&OP process KPIs

What-if Simulations:

  • Simulate scenarios for different supply & demand profiles and its financial impact
  • Simulate scenarios for various strategic and tactical events and its financial impact
What-if Simulations